Villages of Erin & Hillsburgh ALERT

Proposed $65 Million Sewage Plant to Be Built In Our Community??

..We Must Speak Out Now!

Next Town Meeting – May 6 & 7 @ 7:30pm – See Upcoming Meeting Link for Details

 Solmar Development owns 300 acres of land from Dundas Street N to Highway 124.  In May 2012, Solmar had stated their intentions of building residential homes on 150 acres with 4 units per acre i.e. 600 homes.  Now, the number has increased to phasing in 1240 homes, effectively doubling the size of Erin.  A developer in Hillsburgh recently presented to Town Council that they would want to build 800 homes which would be over 1000 with other developers demands.

 To service this new proposed community, Solmar purchased 100 acres at the corner of Bush Street (CR 52) & 10th Line for the purpose of a Sewage Treatment Plant (wastewater facility- STP), discharging directly into the west Credit River.  Solmar has suggested that the Town of Erin should participate in the building of a $65 million STP to service the existing villages of Erin and Hillsburgh while the development is under construction.  The Servicing and Settlement Master Plan (SSMP) has now been completed, with the recommendation to likely proceed with Phase 3 and 4 of the Environmental Assessment (EA) for a gravity fed sewer collection and central sewage treatment plant. On April 16th, Town Council delayed our new town manager’s (Mr. Miele) motion to proceed to phase 3 (Request for Proposal, RFP) until the next council meeting currently scheduled for May 6th.

Key Points That Must Be Considered Are Economic, Environmental & Lifestyle:


  • Devaluation of properties
  • Property tax increases
  • Ratio of residential to industrial/commercial will not be affected
  • $32,000 per household plus an additional $3000 – $10,000 to hook up
  • Alternate technologies at half the cost are available but were never evaluated


  • Effect on wildlife and the environment
  • Dangers of unintentional discharge
  • Climate change affect on the Credit River future ability to accept discharge


  • Sewage odor, noise and lighting
  • Ongoing construction
  • Traffic issues
  • Schools potential overcapacity
  • Lack of recreational facilities, medical, police and other infrastructure

The new neighbourhood will not be subject to these major concerns and disadvantages but developers would receive significant financial benefits from expanding our quaint village.

CEC believes no central sewage plant should be located within 1 kilometre of any residential community.

If you are not in favour of uncontrolled growth and a central wastewater treatment facility

serving both existing and future communities, please sign the form.

We must speak out for our community and do what is right for our families and future! We will keep you posted.


Current Development Proposal next to Erin High School:

Solmar Development Proposal for the Town of Erin:

1. 570 single detached homes

2. 472 semi-detached homes

3. 48 Townhouses

4. 2 blocks designated for senior apartments & medium density housing

Total proposed units = 1,240

This development plan would likely increase the population of Erin by more than 100% in the coming years.

a) Land identified for construction of wastewater treatment facility @ SR 10 & Bush St.

b) Solmar bears the cost to construct facility to service their development. Current town residents will be able to hook into the system at a cost of upwards of $32,000.

c) Solmar has indicated intent to construct the required pumping station and sewer network to service its development. Cost to develop sewer networks to service current residents will be borne by the resident.

Past discussions with the town of Erin and the Ministry of the Environment about the possibility of a centralized system have not been pursued due to the high quality aquatic ecosystem of the credit river system, and the concern that implementing this type of system could pose future environmental threats.

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