Our Vision and Mission under the CEC has expanded.  We are still clearly focused on the issues in the following paragraphs but our mandate has grown due to the importance of three core issues for the Town of Erin today:

  • Fiscal Management and Sustainability
  • Servicing – Viability and Responsibly
  • Growth – Controlled and Preserving Our Community

Our educative platform will focus on many of the core issues that our Town faces with potential solutions.  The people need a voice in our community or this wonderful Town may lose much of what we all love about it and our financial situation will continue to deteriorate…time to stand up and say ‘it is time for a change’.

The Concerned Erin Citizens (CEC) began in the Fall of 2012 to provide all residents of Erin with information and updates regarding current growth issues, specifically the proposed housing development and central sewage treatment system.  The motivation behind this coalition stems from environmental, financial, economic, social, and other concerns regarding current plans to amend our towns growth projections and more than double the size of the town.

One of the most pressing issues  is the proposed plan to build a centralized sewage treatment plant and sewer network to support a major new housing development.

Growth in any community must be managed in a sustainable way that is fair to all residents. Current plans would not only add significant financial obligations to the town as a whole, but plans to connect residents to a sewage treatment facility like the one proposed could cost EACH homeowner in town TENS OF THOUSANDS  of dollars in hook up fees.

These issues have negatively affected other small towns who weren’t prepared to speak out and make their voices heard.  We are!

The core mandate of the CEC is to ensure that Erin looks to manage growth responsibly and sustainably in the following ways:

Environmentally which must always be a major factor in all decisions with regards to growth and sewage treatment decisions.  Compromising our values here is unacceptable.

Financially, where decisions must be responsible for today and the future for our residents.  Significant costs to hook up to sewers and decommission septic tanks together with monstrous infrastructure costs is not acceptable given our current fiscal state.  Town residents cannot afford higher property and water bill costs given the much higher than average levels currently in place.

Socially, as future decisions must ensure that our town is not negatively impacted by too few recreational facilities, churches, schools, police and fire, social programs and green space.  With growth requires other needs which cannot be ignored.

For proper Infrastructure, for with growth requires proper road management as well as managing how sewers would impact the town and it’s current businesses.

Economically, as the goal is to build a greater industrial / commercial base but is there realistically a demand for it.  We have a number of industrial facilities not utilized today and commercial facilities for sale.  Reality is that without a reasonable size (generally over 20,000 population) many commercial retail businesses will not locate in this community.

The issue has raised a number of concerns, and it is important citizens of this town have the ability to make their voices and concerns heard.

NOTE:  all information in the Concerned Erin Citizens (CEC) website is believed to be factual with data we believe sourced from credible sources.  The CEC has no intent to provide any misinformation or negatively impact any individuals or organizations.  Our mandate is to educate the public and try to influence decision makers to make responsible decisions for the Villages of Erin and Hillsburgh population.

One thought on “ABOUT CEC

    Matt Sammut said:
    April 5, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    I strongly believe that any development should put up and fund their own sewage treatment plant to service the new development on a community basis, not impacting existing Erin/Hillsburgh residents.

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