Month: January 2014

It’s Decision Time!

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The municipal election year is upon us! Decisions will have to be made by all of us on how we will ensure that our quality of rural life is not eroded by unchecked growth and irresponsible fiscal management. The Concerned Erin Citizens (CEC) group is working to protect the things we love in this township and we need the help of everyone who agrees with our vision and goals.

Check out our Vision & Mission page that explains why we are passionate and committed to highlighting the serious challenges our Town faces. Other pages explore alternatives and lessons learned. Check out the What Can I Do? page to find out what you can do to help and links to important Town of Erin information related to our goals.

Seeking a Volunteer Accountant

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The CEC is looking for a Part Time Volunteer Accountant to join our group. Please send your interest to Thank you.

Council Meeting Tonight!

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Town of Erin Council Meeting tonight at the Municipal Office at 7:30 pm. Your town. Your issues. Attend Council Meetings on a regular basis to find out what you can do or the Town Council will make the decisions on your behalf.