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SSMP Liason Committee – Meeting Notes Dec 5, 2013

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Town of Erin Servicing and Settlement Master Plan Liaison Committee Meeting No. 13
Meeting Notes

Date: December 4, 2013

Place: Town of Erin Municipal Office

Present John Brennan ) Councillor, Town of Erin
Lou Maieron ) Mayor
Kathryn Ironmonger ) CAO/Town Manager, Town of Erin
Frank Smedley ) Water Superintendent
Bill Dinwoody ) Recreation and Culture Committee
Shelley Foord ) Village of Erin BIA
Bob Wilson ) Environmental Advisory Committee
Matt Sammut ) Concerned Erin Citizens
Roy Val ) Transition Erin
Maurizio Rogato ) SOLMAR Development Corp.
Deanna MacKay ) Member of the Public
John Sutherland )
Chris Zuppan )
Christine Furlong ) Triton Engineering Services Limited
Dale Murray )
Lisa Courtney ) B.M. Ross and Associates (BMROSS)
Dale Erb )
Matt Pearson )
10 members of the general public

Regrets: Jamie Cheyne ) Heritage Committee
Jo Fillery ) Member of the Public
Bob Gardner ) Member of the Public
Bonnie Peavoy ) Member of the Public
Sally Stull ) Planner, Town of Erin
Josie Wintersinger ) Councillor, Town of Erin

1.0 Welcome, Agenda and Introductions The meeting began with Matt P. welcoming and thanking everyone for attending. Following this, he provided a brief overview of the agenda of the meeting. The committee also welcomed two new members, Matt Sammut representing Concerned Erin Citizens, and Roy Val representing Transition Erin.

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